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    Exclusive Cloud Service

    You can quickly create a repository and push or pull container images without needing to build or maintain the image hosting service. A TCR Enterprise Edition instance has an exclusive service backend and backend storage. Compared with other shared image hosting platforms, such as DockerHub, TCR Enterprise Edition instances are exclusive to a single tenant. You do not need to worry about the influence of other users or use restrictions. The TCR Enterprise Edition can guarantee your data security and privacy.

    Stable and Reliable

    TCR instances adopt a container-based deployment mode. You can dynamically adjust the service capabilities based on actual situations to cope with spikes in business traffic. The TCR Enterprise Edition supports multiple specifications. You can deploy this service across zones to achieve local disaster recovery and high availability.

    Worldwide Synchronization

    TCR can be deployed in multiple regions worldwide. With the TCR Enterprise Edition, you can customize rules to synchronize container images and Helm charts across regions worldwide. TCR meets the needs of enterprise container users for pulling container images from the nearest region when they expand business worldwide and implementing cross-region disaster recovery.

    Security and Compliance

    A TCR Enterprise Edition instance has an exclusive cloud storage backend. Container images and Helm charts are stored in your COS bucket after they are encrypted. The TCR Enterprise Edition also supports fine-grained permission management, private and public network access control, and image security scanning to ensure enterprise users’ data security and access compliance.

    Fast Distribution

    TCR Enterprise Edition instances are available in different specifications and support P2P accelerated distribution to meet the concurrent pulling requirements of clusters in different scales. TCR allows a large-scale container cluster that contains over 1000 nodes to concurrently pull images of several gigabytes and ensure fast expansion and deployment of the container service.

    Support for Helm Charts

    TCR supports the hosting and distribution of both container images and Helm charts. It is compatible with Helm V3. TCR allows Kubernetes users to use Helm charts and container images simultaneously and provides a consistent user experience.

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