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Last updated: 2020-09-09 16:24:42

    Purchase Instructions

    Tencent Container Registry (TCR) is currently in beta and free of charge. To apply for trial use, go to the TCR console. During TCR usage, Cloud Object Storage (COS) is involved and will be charged based on your actual usage.

    After the beta test is completed, TCR will be charged for. We will notify you of TCR commercial use through channels such as the product release platform, message center, and email.

    Supported Regions

    The following table describes the regions that TCR has supported and will support in the near future.

    Nanjing (Submit a ticket for application)ap-nanjing
    Hong Kongap-hongkong
    Silicon Valleyna-siliconvalley

    Charging Items of the TCR Enterprise Edition

    Item Description Price
    Instance leasing The prices of TCR instances of the enterprise edition vary depending on the instance specifications and region. In the beta test period, instance leasing is free of charge.
    Storage Cloud-native applications of the TCR enterprise edition, such as container images and Helm charts, are hosted in your COS bucket, which will generate storage and traffic fees based on actual usage. The storage and traffic fees are charged in COS billing mode. To view the fees, go to the billing center.
    Note: Cross-region synchronization of container images or Helm charts will not generate COS public traffic fees.
    For more information, see Product Pricing.
    Traffic If you upload, download, or synchronize container images and Helm charts cross regions through a public network, traffic fees will be generated. The free traffic quota and traffic limit vary depending on specifications. To improve the cross-region data synchronization bandwidth, submit a ticket. Traffic is not charged for currently. In special scenarios, submit a ticket for consulting.

    TCR Specifications

    The following table describes the TCR specifications. indicates supported, and - indicates not supported.

    Feature Module Features Personal Edition Enterprise Edition
    Basic EditionStandard EditionAdvanced Edition
    Instance management Dedicated registry service -
    Dedicated service access domain -
    Dedicated data storage backend -
    Repository management Multi-level repository directory -
    Helm chart hosting-
    Namespace quota1050100500
    Image repository quota500100030005000
    Helm chart repository quota-100030005000
    Security control Network access control -
    VPC access quota-3510
    Image vulnerability scanning-
    Operation logs retention-7 days15 days30 days
    Synchronization and backup Cross-instance (region) automatic synchronization --
    Same-region multi-availability zone disaster recovery-
    Container DevOps
    Webhook trigger type-Pushing
    Pushing images and
    Helm charts
    Pushing, pulling, and deleting images and
    Helm charts
    Container image compilation and building
    Cloud-native delivery workflow--
    P2P accelerated image distribution

    Beta precautions

    • The VPC access quota is 1 for all specifications in the beta test period. Submit a ticket to adjust the quota based on your actual requirements.
    • The operations log query feature is unavailable. To use it, submit a ticket.
    • Webhook triggers apply to all specifications in the beta test period and only support push and deletion.
    • The cloud-native delivery workflow feature apply to all specifications in the beta test period. You can submit a ticket to apply for it.

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