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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-05-06 10:57:19

    TCR Enterprise supports the pay-as-you-go billing mode. You can go to the TCR Purchase Page to purchase a TCR Enterprise instance. Tencent Cloud COS will be used at the same time with the instance and costs will be incurred based on your actual usage.

    Billing Mode for TCR Enterprise

    TCR provides the pay-as-you-go billing mode:

    Billing Mode Payment Method Billing Unit Use Cases
    Pay-as-you-go Freeze the fees at the time of purchase, and the service is billed at an hourly basis. USD/hour The unit price is high. This billing mode is applicable to scenarios such as temporary test.

    Billable Items for TCR Enterprise

    td>Please refer to TCR Enterprise Pricing.

    Item Description Price
    Instance purchasing TCR Enterprise instances support pay-as-you-go billing mode. The managed service charges differ according to selected regions and specifications.
    Storage fees The cloud native artifacts of the TCR Enterprise managed instance, such as container images and Helm charts, are stored in your COS Bucket. Storage and access fees will apply based on actual usage with the selected COS billing mode. Go to the Billing Center to learn more. Please refer to COS Pricing
    Traffic Using the public network to upload and download the cloud native artifacts such as container images and Helm charts will generate public network traffic fees in COS.
    Note: using the instance synchronization feature for cross-regional synchronization of container images and Helm charts will not generate COS public network traffic fees.
    Please refer to COS Pricing

    TCR Enterprise Pricing

    You can go to the TCR Purchase Page to view the latest pricing and discounts for the TCR Enterprise instances, and go to the Tencent Cloud or consult your sales rep for more information. The following prices are for reference only. The actual price is based on the purchase period and the latest promotional activities.


    Please log in to TCR to obtain the accurate price.

    Pay-as-you-go (postpaid) price

    RegionBasic (USD/hour)Standard (USD/hour)Advanced (USD/hour)
    Chinese Mainland RegionsGuangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing0.140.280.54
    Shenzhen Finance, Shanghai Finance and Beijing Finance0.230.420.75
    Hong Kong (China), and Taipei (China)0.200.380.70
    Asia Pacific RegionsSingapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Bangkok0.200.380.70
    Europe and North America RegionsToronto, Silicon Valley, Virginia, Frankfurt and Moscow0.280.500.87

    TCR is currently unavailable in some regions. To learn more, please submit a ticket.


    The TCR specifications are as follows (: supported; -: not supported).


    When the instance is using the features of Standard or Advanced edition, it is not allowed to degrade the instance specifications to editions which do not support the features. If you want to degrade the specifications, please delete related feature configurations manually first.

    Feature Module Features TCR Individual TCR Enterprise
    Service guarantee SLA Not supported99.9% (compensation supported)99.9% (compensation supported)99.9% (compensation supported)
    Instance management Dedicated registry service -
    Dedicated domain name access -
    Custom access domain name -
    Dedicated data storage backend -
    Temporary/long-term access credential management -
    Repository management Multi-level repository directory -
    Helm chart hosting-
    Namespace quota1050100500
    (you can apply to increase the quota)
    Image repository quota500100030005000
    (you can apply to increase the quota)
    Helm repository quota-100030005000
    (you can apply to increase the quota)
    Data security Encrypted storage of data -
    Image vulnerability scanning-
    Image tag protection-
    Public network access control-
    VPC access control-
    VPC access quota-3510
    Operation log retention-7 days15 days30 days
    Synchronous backup Multi-region replications for single instance and nearby access ---
    Cross-instance custom synchronization rules--
    Multi-AZ disaster recovery in the same city-
    Container DevOps
    Webhook trigger-
    Container image compilation and building *
    Cloud native delivery workflow
    P2P accelerated distribution of images

    Container image compilation and building feature is based on CODING DevOps service and provides free usage quota. If you need advanced features or want to add quota, please go to CODING DevOps service.

    Free Usage of TCR Individual

    TCR Individual service is provided for individual developers. The free usage quota is limited. SLA commitments and relevant compensation are not provided.

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