Meeting Controls

Last updated: 2020-04-03 16:56:26

    Meeting Controls

    Role: Organizer / Co-Host / Attendee

    Meeting Management & Control

    The meeting host is allowed to mute or unmute anyone during the meeting. In addition, the meeting can be locked once all of the invited attendees are in attendance. This feature ensures the security of your meeting.

    1. Click Attendees and click the “More” dropdown as shown above.

    2. Decide if you want to mute attendees on entry or lock the meeting.

    Enlarging the Video Screen

    When the video is on, attendees can choose to have the videos in gallery view or to enlarge an individual screen.

    1. Click the icon in the orange box on the top right corner to video the videos side-by-side.
    2. Double click the video screen of an attendee to enlarge it.
    3. Decide if you want to display the video screen list from the drawer on the right side.

    Microphone Controls

    Role: Organizer / Co-Host / Attendee

    Checking the Mic Status of Attendees

    You can check the mic status of each attendee. If an attendee is talking, their mic icon will turn green.

    1. Click Attendees to check if attendees are muted or unmuted;
    2. If the user's mic is enabled, the mic icon will be turned on as shown below.
    3. Muting and Unmuting Attendees

      Hosts are allowed to mute or unmute attendees during the meeting. We recommend muting all attendees to reduce background noise.
    4. If the Meeting Organizer selected the "Mute All" option, all attendees will be muted by default until the Meeting Organizer turns this option off. We suggest enabling Allow Attendees to Unmute Themselves when you Mute All.

    2. Hosts can unmute any attendee with their consent during online meetings.

    Renaming Attendees

    Role: Organizer / Co-Host / Attendee

    Renaming Attendees

    We suggest changing your alias before joining the meeting. This will help people recognize each other and speed up orientation. This especially applies to large-scale conferences with attendees from multiple organizations.

    1. Select an attendee from the list to change their screen name.

    2. Click Rename to update their name.

    3. Only the Meeting Organizer and Co-host can rename others. Attendees can only rename themselves.