Syncing Meetings from System Calendar

Last updated: 2021-06-23 15:15:41

    Feature Overview

    This feature syncs the meeting links saved in your system calendar to the VooV Meeting app and display them on the homepage, making it easier for you to quickly find and join meetings.


    • You are a Free, Pro, or Enterprise Edition user

    • iOS/Android

    • v2.6.0 or above


    1. Currently, this feature supports syncing the following types of meetings:
    • Meeting Status: upcoming/in progress;

    • Meeting Type: scheduled public meetings, private meetings, and recurring meetings;

    1. The permission to read your calendar is required when you sync meetings for the first time, so you need to grant the access to your system calendar;

    2. Once enabled, meetings containing meeting links added to the system calendar in the last three months will be verified and synced;

    3. If a password-protected meeting is added, you need to enter the password first before you can join the meeting and view the documents uploaded during the meeting on the details page. If a private meeting is added, you need to verify your identity first before you can join the meeting.

    Enabling "Sync VooV Meetings from system calendar"

    1. Click your profile photo in the top-left corner of the homepage to enter your personal profile page, select Settings, and find the Sync from calendar option;

    2. Select the Sync from calendar option and enable Sync VooV Meetings from system calendar.