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Starting a Live Streaming

Last updated: 2022-04-06 19:19:13

    Feature Overview

    Live streaming can relay the shared screen or video image in your current meeting to YouTube, so that more people can watch your meeting.


    • Logged-in device: Windows/macOS


    The live content is delayed by about 20–30s. If the delay time exceeds the normal range, you can start live streaming again.

    Before live streaming

    1. Only the host can control live streaming.
    2. You can start live streaming only after getting the video content (at least one user in the meeting turns on video or starts screen sharing).
    3. You need to get the live streaming permission for your YouTube account here.

    During live streaming

    1. After live streaming starts, the live stream replay feature cannot be configured.
    2. During live streaming, if all video images are disconnected, live streaming will also end.
    3. Only video images can be live streamed, while user chats and files during the meeting cannot.
    4. After live streaming ends, you can configure replay and manage the replay content in your YouTube channel.

    Enabling Live Streaming

    Step 1. Configure the client

    1. Select Enable Live Streaming when scheduling a meeting.
    2. In the meeting, turn on the video or start screen sharing to get the live video image.
    3. Click Go Live on the toolbar to enter the live stream settings page and add a video image for live streaming.
    4. Currently, up to 4 (1 big and 3 small) video images can be streamed.
    5. Click Add on the left of the live stream layout and select an ongoing video image on the right to add it for live streaming.
    6. To replace a video image, click the layout frame of the video, deselect it in the ongoing video images on the right, click the layout frame again, and add a new video image to the frame for replacement.
    7. To remove a video image from live streaming, select the layout frame of the video image in the live stream layout and deselect it in the ongoing video images on the right.
    8. If there is only one video image currently (only one user in the meeting turns on the video or is sharing the screen), it will be the main video image by default and placed to video image 1.
    9. After configuring settings, click Next to open the browser to configure YouTube live streaming authorization and relayed push.

    Step 2. Configure YouTube authorization and relayed push

    1. Log in to YouTube with your Google account in the browser.
    2. Set the live stream title and whether to make it public.
    3. Click Live Stream on YouTube and click Open VooV Meeting in the pop-up window.
    4. The YouTube page will be redirected to automatically to play back the video or shared screen content in the meeting.

    Inviting Others to Watch Live Stream

    Copy the live stream link on the live stream settings page or the YouTube URL in the browser and share to others. Viewers can click the link to enter your live room in the browser to live watch the meeting.

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