Creating Asset Package

Last updated: 2021-06-28 10:09:36


    This document describes how to create an asset package, which will be uploaded to and deployed in GSE for game hosting.


    1. Log in to the GSE console and click Asset on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Create in the top-left corner.
    3. To create an asset package, you can upload one through the console page or CLI.

    Page upload

    Enter the basic package information, including the package name and version. Select the OS and submission mode, upload the code, and click OK.

    • Asset Package Name: descriptive name of the asset package to be created, which does not need to be unique and can be modified and updated.
    • Asset Package Version: detailed information of asset package version, which is used to distinguish between different asset package versions.
    • OS: the operating system on which the game server asset package runs. It cannot be modified after the asset package is created.
    • Submission Mode: currently, only local zip packages can be uploaded.
    • Upload Codes: the asset package requires integrating the gRPC framework. The asset package directory must contain all the components necessary for running your game server, including executable files, dependency packages, and installation scripts of the game server. All are compressed into a zip package.
      • Game server executable file: a file required for running the game server. The asset package can contain multiple executable files, but only if they are built for the same platform.
      • Dependency package: any file required for running the game server executable file.
      • Installation script: executes the tasks for installing the asset package on the GSE-hosted server. This file must be placed in the root directory of the asset package and will run once during fleet creation. For more information, see Game Process Launch Configuration.
    • Tag (optional): the tag is used to manage resources by category from different dimensions. If the existing tag does not meet your requirements, please go to the Tag console to create new tags.

    CLI upload

    Step 1: download the script

    Click here to download the script.

    Step 2: install the script dependency packages

    Running the script requires the following two dependency packages.

    • tencentcloud-sdk-python
      • Installation command: pip install tencentcloud-sdk-python.
      • Supported version: TencentCloud API SDK Python V2.7-V3.6. For more information, see Python SDK.
    • cos-python-sdk-v5
      • Installation command: pip install -U cos-python-sdk-v5.
      • Supported version: For more information, see Python SDK.

    Step 3: run the script

    1. Modify the configuration
    Configure your authentication in the script. Replace secret_id and secret_id with your actual values.

    2. Execute the command
    Execute the following command to run the script:

    python  --local_path ./game_folder/

    You will see help after running the command code. Click help to view more parameter information.


    1. When you use the CLI to upload the asset package, you can configure the parameter --local_path to specify the upload folder path. The script will automatically compress and package the content under this path (only the contents under the path rather than the folder are packaged).
    2. The operating system and bit can be uploaded. The following methods are recommended:
      python  --local_path ./game_folder/ --os_type=Windows --os_bit=64
      python  --local_path ./game_folder/ --os_type=CentOS --os_bit=64
      python  --local_path ./game_folder/ --image_id=img-9qabwvbn