Overall Process

Last updated: 2020-09-08 15:27:29

    Overall Flowchart

    Integration Steps

    Step 1. Integrate the server with the gRPC framework

    The game server communicates with GSE over gRPC. The gRPC framework can be integrated with the game server program in various programming languages to generate game server executable files. For more information on how to integrate GSE with the server in different languages, please see gRPC - C++ Tutorial, gRPC - C# Tutorial, gRPC - Go Tutorial, gRPC - Java Tutorial, gRPC - Lua Tutorial, and gRPC - Node.js Tutorial. For other languages, please see the gRPC official documentation.

    Step 2. Publish the program

    1. Upload an asset package
      An asset package contains the executable files, dependencies, and installation script of the game server. You need to package them as a ZIP file before upload. For more information, please see Creating Code Packages.
    2. Create a server fleet
      Deploy the uploaded asset package on the created server fleet and complete process management, deployment configuration, scaling configuration, etc. For more information, please see Creating Server Fleets.

    Step 3. Call a TencentCloud API to get the server address (IP:port)

    You can get the server address (IP:port) by creating or placing a game server session.

    Method 1. Create a game server session

    Call a TencentCloud API:
    The client TencentCloud API call process varies by supporting mode of the game server session.

    For more information on how to call TencentCloud APIs, please see Creating Game Server Session.

    Method 2. Place a game server session

    For more information on how to call the TencentCloud APIs, please see Placing Game Server Session.

    Step 4. The client uses the IP:port to access the server

    The client can connect to the target server through the IP:port returned in step 3.