Last updated: 2020-07-22 16:28:03

    What are the purposes of the game server hosting service?

    It is a dedicated game server hosting service that supports stateful game server deployment, auto scaling, and nearby resource scheduling.

    What is a game server queue? What does it do?

    A game server queue is actually a queue of server fleets with configured priorities. It can include server fleets around the world to implement nearby scheduling and disaster recovery.

    In which regions is GSE available?

    Currently, it is available in the Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Singapore, Mumbai, Silicon Valley, Virginia, Frankfurt, Moscow, Hong Kong (China), Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and Toronto regions. If you need to use it in other regions, please submit a ticket for application.

    Does GSE support custom frameworks?


    When will GSE officially launch as a paid service?

    To learn about when GSE is ready for launch as a paid service, see Billing Overview.