Zero Downtime Updates

Last updated: 2021-06-28 10:09:36


    This document describes how to implement zero downtime update through an alias.


    • Create two server fleets in Shanghai region as instructed below:
      • Complete the first three steps in Demo: click Quick Upload of Demo Package, Quick Creation of Server Fleet, and Create Game Server Session and then click Complete.
    • You have created server fleet 1 and server fleet 2 (Shanghai region).


    Creating an alias

    1. Log in to the GSE console and click Alias on the left sidebar.
    2. Select the service region in the top-left corner and click Create.
    3. In the alias creation page, enter the name and description, select the alias type and associated server fleet in the corresponding drop-down list, and click Confirm.
      • Name: enter the name of the alias for easy identification in the directory, which is "zero downtime update test" in this example.
      • Type: select common alias or terminal alias, which is "common alias" in this example.
        • Common alias: it points to a fleet, under which the system automatically finds servers and assigns them to clients. If you select common alias, you need to associate an available server fleet.
        • Terminal alias: it doesn't point to a fleet. You can describe the reason why the alias cannot be used in Termination Info, which will be sent to clients.
      • Associate Server Fleet: after selecting common alias, select "server fleet 1".
      • Description: enter a short description of the alias for easy identification, which is "test" in this example.
      • Tag (optional): the tag is used to manage resources by category from different dimensions. If the existing tag does not meet your requirements, please go to the Tag console to create new tags.
    4. After configuring the settings, click Confirm to create the alias.

    Creating a game server session

    Call the TencentCloud API in the code. This example uses TencentCloud API Explorer for quick creation.


    Input parameter description:

    • Region: indicates the region, which is “ap-shanghai” (East China (Shanghai)) in this example.
    • MaximumPlayerSessionCount: indicates the maximum number of players, which is 10 in this example.
    • AliasId: indicates the alias ID, which is the ID of the newly created alias in this example.

    If a game server session is successfully created through TencentCloud API Explorer, you can see that it is generated in server fleet 1.

    Modifying the alias configuration

    1. In the console, click Alias on the left sidebar to enter the alias list page.
    2. Select the created alias and click Modify to enter the alias editing page, modify the alias configuration, and set "Associate Server Fleet" to "Server fleet 2".

    Creating another game server session


    Create another game server session with the same alias.

    Create another game server session through TencentCloud API Explorer, and you can see that a game server session is generated in, that is, assigned to server fleet 2.

    Notes on Zero Downtime Updates

    For version updates, you can create a new server fleet and point the alias to it.

    • Automatic reduction will be performed on the old server fleet as the game server sessions decrease.
    • Automatic expansion will be performed on the new server fleet as the game server sessions increase, thus implementing zero downtime update.