Health Check

Last updated: 2020-07-27 10:26:39

    API Name


    API Description

    This API is used for GSE to get the health status of the current game process every minute, and for the current game process to return its health status.

    Request Message

    message HealthCheckRequest {

    Response Message

    message HealthCheckResponse {
        bool healthStatus = 1;

    Field Description


    Field Name Type Description
    healthStatus bool true will be returned if the process is healthy; otherwise, false will be returned


    func (s *rpcService) OnHealthCheck(ctx context.Context, req *grpcsdk.HealthCheckRequest) (*grpcsdk.HealthCheckResponse, error) {
        resp := &grpcsdk.HealthCheckResponse{
            HealthStatus: s.healthStatus,  // Identify the health status of the current process
        return resp, nil