Removing Player Session

Last updated: 2020-07-21 15:21:52

    API Name


    API Description

    This API is used for the game process to notify GSE that a player has quit. After GSE receives the request, it will update the current number of players in the corresponding game server session to allow other players to join.

    Request Message

    message RemovePlayerSessionRequest {
        string gameServerSessionId = 1;
        string playerSessionId = 2;

    Response Message

    message GseResponse 

    Field Description

    For field definitions, see AcceptPlayerSession.


    func (r *rpcClient) RemovePlayerSession(gameServerSessionId, playerSessionId string) (*grpcsdk.GseResponse, error) {
       conn, _ := grpc.DialContext(context.Background(), LOCAL_ADDRESS, grpc.WithInsecure())
       defer conn.Close()
       req := &grpcsdk.RemovePlayerSessionRequest{
          GameServerSessionId:  gameServerSessionId,
          PlayerSessionId:      playerSessionId,
       client := grpcsdk.NewGseGrpcSdkServiceClient(conn)
       return client.RemovePlayerSession(getContext(), req)