Unity Integrating gRPC

Last updated: 2021-07-22 17:27:55

    The error error: grpc_csharp_ext pops up when I run the macOS server program package. How to fix it?

    Solution: Open the path Assert/Plugins/Grpc.Core/runtimes/osx/x64, rename the file grpc_csharp_ext.bundle to grpc_csharp_ext, and then copy the file to YourUnityApp.app/Contents/Frameworks/MonoEmbedRuntime/osx. Please create such directories if any parts of the path do not exist.

    The error Unable to preload the following plugins: ScreenSelector.so pops up when I run the packaged Linux server program. How to fix it?

    Solution: In the Unity Editor, click File -> Build Settings, tick the Server Build option, and package it again.

    When I run the packaged Windows server program using the image creation server of the Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter 64-bit English system provided by GSE, the error below pops up. How to fix it?

    Solution: In asset package creation, select the system of the Chinese version when you configure the Upload Codes item.

    After the file grpc_unity_package.VERSION.zip is downloaded and decompressed to Unity, an error as described in the issue 22251 pops up in the Unity Editor. How to fix it?

    Solution: Download and decompress the grpc_unity_package.2.26.0-dev.zip v2.26.