Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-07-24 09:56:27

    Use Cases


    VIP customer management

    Face search technology can be used to recognize VIP customers in an image, improving VIP customer services and strengthening relationships.

    Traffic monitoring

    Face detection technology can be used to count the number of people on screen. It is suitable not only for the retail industry to analyze the effectiveness of product placement, but also schools, workplaces, conferences, etc. to track attendance.

    Precise ad placement

    Face analysis technology can be used to quickly and accurately analyze people attributes in images, such as age and gender, and facilitate targeted advertising.


    Access control system

    Face Recognition can identify entrants in residential neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, etc. It can also be used for access control in areas that require higher levels of security, where alarms will be triggered for unauthorized personnel.

    Camera surveillance system

    Face Recognition can monitor crowds in public places such as banks, airports, stadiums, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. for identification purposes. It is also suitable for surveilling and tracking suspects.


    Photo classification

    Face Recognition uses face recognition and search technologies to group similar faces in an album and organize photos by faces.

    Beauty filters

    Face Recognition uses the feature localization technology to accurately detect facial features and apply beauty filters, reshape or swap faces, add cartoon effects or stickers, etc.