Last updated: 2020-07-21 11:19:12

    Product Overview

    Tencent Cloud FaceID is a service kit used to verify users’ identity information. It provides features such as liveness detection and 1:1 face comparison to meet various identity verification needs in industries such as social security, finance, and insurance.


    Liveness detection

    Liveness detection can meet the high security requirements of facial recognition in different verification scenarios. It can analyze videos and decide whether they come from a live person or a fake, and guard against presentation attacks such as photos, videos, and static 3D models. Currently, it supports lip movement, motion silent live detection, etc.

    Face comparison

    Face comparison can calculate the similarity of facial features between two faces and automatically perform identity verification. It is based on massive amounts of face data and technologies such as high-dimensional LBP, PCA, Bayesian LDA, metric learning, transfer learning, and deep neural network. With an accuracy rate of 99.80% as tested during LFW (a database for face verification) in 2017, it supports face recognition and verification in different scenarios regardless of age, posture or lighting conditions.