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Last updated: 2021-10-08 14:54:59

Channel Management APIs

API Name Feature
BindNewLVBDomainWithChannel Binds an LVB domain name to a channel
CreateStreamPackageChannel Creates a channel
CreateStreamPackageChannelEndpoint Creates a channel endpoint
DeleteStreamPackageChannelEndpoints Deletes channel endpoints in batches
DeleteStreamPackageChannels Deletes channels in batches
DescribeStreamPackageChannel Queries a channel
DescribeStreamPackageChannels Queries multiple channels
ModifyStreamPackageChannel Modifies a channel
ModifyStreamPackageChannelEndpoint Modifies a channel endpoint
ModifyStreamPackageChannelInputAuthInfo Modifies the input authentication information of a channel
UnbindCdnDomainWithChannel Unbinds a CDN playback domain name from a channel