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Last updated: 2020-08-18 09:39:12

    How can I activate GOA?

    Go to the beta application page, enter your basic information, and submit an application. The product team will contact you within three to five business days.

    How does GOA accelerate office data transmission?

    Tencent Cloud has over 1,100 acceleration nodes deployed around the world. GOA utilizes inter-node dynamic route detection to schedule optimal routes for OA office data transmission and uses global load balancing technology to direct terminals to their nearest access acceleration nodes. This dramatically reduces data access latency.

    How does GOA quickly test control policies, and are policies preset at the backend?

    Policies are preset at the backend for different security scenarios. You can start policy testing after modifying the target object.
    The process is as follows:
    Choose Security Hardening > Regulation Compliance Management > Data Protection. In the policy list, click Modify Policy in the Operation column. Then, modify the group and click Save.

    How can I view the users who access boundless office in GOA?

    The user access management page displays the data of logged-in devices. A logged-in device supports boundless office if it has been configured with a Next Generation Network (NGN) policy. After a user closes the management page, no operation or update will be performed.

    How can I set a scheduled password change policy on the GOA client?

    Navigate to Security Hardening > System Hardening, set "Maximum password use period" in the policy rules. After the period expires, you need to change the password.

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