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License Application

Last updated: 2021-10-19 12:01:36

    Applying for a Trial License

    You can apply for a Basic Edition trial license (14-day validity period) to explore the SDK. Each account is eligible for two applications. See below for detailed instructions.

    1. Go to the Tencent Cloud website, log in to the VOD console, click Edit, and enter the information as required. For Package Name, enter the package name of your Android app, and for Bundle ID, enter the Bundle ID of your iOS app.
    2. After adding a trial license successfully, you will be able to view the information of the license. Note the Key and LicenseUrl, which you must pass in when initializing the SDK.
      For the full version, please contact Tencent Cloud sales to purchase a license.

    Using a License

    Call the following method to configure your license before using the APIs of the SDK.

    • Recommended configuration for iOS: add the following in [AppDelegate application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:]:
      [TXUGCBase setLicenceURL:LicenceUrl key:Key];
    • Recommended configuration for Android: add the following in application:
      TXUGCBase.getInstance().setLicence(context, LicenceUrl, Key);

    Viewing License Information

    After the license is successfully configured, you can call the below method to view the license information. Please note that it may take a while for the configuration to be completed. The exact time needed depends on your network conditions.

    • iOS:
      NSLog(@"%@", [TXUGCBase getLicenceInfo]);
    • Android:


    1. Can I extend the validity period of a trial license when it expires?
      You can use a trial license for 28 days at most and cannot extend the period. Please purchase an official license after your trial license expires.
    2. Can I change the PackageName (for Android) or BundleID (for iOS) of a trial license?
      Yes, you can. In the trial license information page of the console, click Edit on the right to modify the information.
    3. Can I use the same license for multiple apps?
      Each license can authorize only one PackageName and BundleID and cannot be used for multiple apps.
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