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Last updated: 2022-06-14 12:41:46

    We offer MLVB International for users outside the Chinese mainland. You need an international license to unlock live streaming features such as publishing, playback, and basic filters (skin brightening and smoothing, etc.).

    SDK and license

    You can apply for a free trial license or purchase a license to use MLVB International.


    Module Feature Description MLVB International
    UI Custom UI Customizing UI. We provide a complete set of UI source code. You can use it directly or customize your own UI based on it.
    Publishing RTMP Stream publishing by hosts from mobile phones (live showroom)
    Screen Screen sharing by hosts from mobile phones (game streaming)
    Playback RTMP Playback over RTMP
    FLV Playback over HTTP + FLV
    HLS Playback over HLS (m3u8)
    WebRTC LEB
    Video on demand Video on demand Video playback on demand
    Mic connect Host-audience interaction One-to-many mic connect between the host and audience
    Anchor competition One-to-one competition between hosts
    Capturing and shooting Aspect ratio Multiple aspect ratios including 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1
    Definition SD, HD, and FHD video; custom bitrate, frame rate, and GOP
    Capturing/Shooting control Switching between the front and rear camera and lighting control
    Watermark Watermarking videos
    Focus Adjusting focal length
    Focus mode Manual or auto focus
    Photo taking Taking photos
    Background music Selecting a local MP3 file as the background music for capturing/shooting
    Voice changing and reverb Selecting a voice changing effect (e.g., little girl, middle-aged man) or reverb effect (e.g., karaoke room, hall) for capturing/shooting
    Filters Custom filters, which support strength adjusting
    Basic retouching Skin brightening, skin smoothing, and rosy skin, which support strength adjusting
    Advanced filters Eye enlarging, face slimming, chin slimming, chin adjustment, face shortening, and nose narrowing, which support strength adjusting ×
    Animated stickers Identifying and reshaping facial features; adding stickers and widgets (provided as additional materials) ×
    AI-based keying Identifying the foreground and replacing the background with other elements (provided as additional materials) ×
    Green screen keying Removing the green parts of a video (for example, a green background) and replacing them with other elements ×
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