SDK Download

Last updated: 2021-04-01 10:11:34

SDK Download

MLVB Basic Edition SDK

The Mobile Live Video Broadcasting (MLVB) basic edition has two major features, live stream push (`V2TXLivePusher`) and live stream playback (`V2TXLivePlayer`). It has a small library size, enabling you to launch live streaming services on mobile clients efficiently. The following table describes the download addresses of the iOS and Android installation packages.
Platform ZIP Package SDK Integration Guide 64-bit Support Installation Package Library Size
iOS DOWNLOAD DOC Yes 1.27 MB (arm64)
Android DOWNLOAD DOC Yes jar: 1.5 MB
so (armeabi): 4.4 MB
so (armeabi-v7a): 4.1 MB
so (arm64-v8a): 4.9 MB


please purchase MLVB basic edition license to activate the service. For pricing information, see Purchase Guide.