SDK Download

Last updated: 2021-09-07 15:51:03

    The MLVB SDK comes in three editions. To learn about their differences and the licenses required to use them, please see Feature Description.


    LiteAV_Smart integrates only the stream publishing (TXLivePusher) and playback (TXLivePlayer) features. It adds the least to the installation package and is suitable for customers who need only MLVB features.

    Platform ZIP File GitHub Gitee Integration Guide 64-bit Support Increase Installation Package By
    iOS Download GitHub Gitee Document Yes 1.27 MB (arm64)
    Android Download GitHub Gitee Document Yes jar: 1.5 MB
    so (armeabi): 4.4 MB
    so (armeabi-v7a): 4.1 MB
    so (arm64-v8a): 4.9 MB

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    MLVB Professional Edition integrates multiple key video/audio features of Tencent Cloud, including MLVB, TRTC, Superplayer (Player+), and UGSV. This integrated edition adds less to the size of the installation package than two independent SDKs do because many underlying modules are shared among the SDKs. It is also free of the duplicate symbol issue.

    Platform ZIP File GitHub 64-bit Support Increase Installation Package By Downsizing Installation Package
    iOS Download GitHub Yes 4.08 MB (arm64) Document
    Android Download GitHub Yes jar: 1.5 MB
    so (armeabi): 6.5 MB
    so (armv7): 6.1 MB
    so (arm64): 7.3 MB

    You need different authorization to use different features of MLVB Professional Edition:

    1. To use MLVB features, you must purchase a live publishing license (previously LiteAV_Smart license).
    2. To use UGSV features, you must purchase a UGC_Smart/UGC license.
    3. To use TRTC features, you must purchase a TRTC package.

    Comparison Among Editions

    Module Feature LiteAV_Smart LiteAV_UGC LiteAV_TRTC LiteAV_Player Professional
    Stream publishing Camera - - -
    Screen - - -
    Stream playback RTMP - -
    HTTP-FLV -
    HLS (M3U8) - - -
    LEB (WebRTC) - - - -
    VOD playback MP4 - - -
    HLS (M3U8) - - -
    DRM - - -
    Basic filters -
    Co-anchoring/Mic connect Same-room co-anchoring/mic connect - -
    Cross-room competition - -
    Video call One-to-one call - - -
    Video conferencing - - -
    UGSV Recording/Shooting - - -
    Clipping/Splicing - - -
    TikTok-like special effects - - -
    Video upload - - -