Error Codes

Last updated: 2021-08-12 17:41:05


Normal events

There is a notification event after each successful publishing. For example, the return code 1003 indicates that the system will start rendering camera images.

Error Code Event Description
1001 PUSH_EVT_CONNECT_SUCC Successfully connected to the CVM.
1002 PUSH_EVT_PUSH_BEGIN Handshake with the server has been completed, everything is OK, and the SDK is ready to start upstream publishing.
1003 PUSH_EVT_OPEN_CAMERA_SUCC Camera enabled successfully. The camera cannot be enabled if it is occupied or there is no access to the camera.
1004 PUSH_EVT_SCREEN_CAPTURE_SUCC Screencap started successfully (for Android SDK).
1005 PUSH_EVT_CHANGE_RESOLUTION Dynamic publishing resolution change.
1006 PUSH_EVT_CHANGE_BITRATE Dynamic publishing bitrate change.
1007 PUSH_EVT_FIRST_FRAME_AVAILABLE The first frame is captured.
1008 PUSH_EVT_START_VIDEO_ENCODER The encoder is started.
1009 PUSH_EVT_CAMERA_REMOVED The camera has been removed (for Windows SDK).
1010 PUSH_EVT_CAMERA_AVAILABLE The camera is available again (for Windows SDK).
1011 PUSH_EVT_CAMERA_CLOSED The camera is disabled (for Windows SDK).
1012 PUSH_EVT_SNAPSHOT_RESULT Return code for screencap snapshot (for Windows SDK).
1018 PUSH_EVT_ROOM_IN You are already in the WebRTC room. (Notification for successful room entry)
1019 PUSH_EVT_ROOM_OUT You are not in the WebRTC room. (Notification for room entry failure or room exit)
1020 PUSH_EVT_ROOM_USERLIST Deliver the WebRTC room member list (excluding the current user).
1021 PUSH_EVT_ROOM_NEED_REENTER Switching Wi-Fi to 4G will trigger disconnection and reconnection, which requires you to re-enter the WebRTC room (pull the optimal server address).

Critical errors

If the SDK detects critical errors, publishing cannot continue. For example, a user disables the camera permission for the application, and the camera cannot be started as a result.


A video encoding failure does not affect publishing directly. The SDK will handle the failure automatically to ensure success of the subsequent video encoding.

Error Code Event Description
-1301 PUSH_ERR_OPEN_CAMERA_FAIL Failed to enable the camera.
-1302 PUSH_ERR_OPEN_MIC_FAIL Failed to enable the microphone.
-1303 PUSH_ERR_VIDEO_ENCODE_FAIL Video encoding failed.
-1304 PUSH_ERR_AUDIO_ENCODE_FAIL Audio encoding failed.
-1305 PUSH_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_RESOLUTION Unsupported video resolution.
-1306 PUSH_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_SAMPLERATE Unsupported audio sample rate.
-1307 PUSH_ERR_NET_DISCONNECT The network is disconnected and fails to be reconnected after three attempts, so the publishing needs to be restarted.
The camera is in use and you may try enabling a different camera (Windows).
System exception and recording failed (iOS).
Failed to start screencap, which is possibly rejected by the user (Android).
-1309 PUSH_ERR_SCREEN_CAPTURE_UNSURPORT Screencap failed due to unsupported Android OS version. Version 5.0 or above is required (for Android SDK).

Warning events

Most warning events will trigger the protection or recovery logic that involves retries, and in most cases the problems can be recovered by the SDK itself. Certain warning events need to be handled by developers.

  • *WARNING_NET_BUSY: *If the host has poor network connections, the user can be notified through UI.

  • *WARNING_SERVER_DISCONNECT: *The publishing request is rejected by the backend. This is usually caused by miscalculated txSecret in the publishing address, or because the publishing address is occupied by others (a publishing URL can only have one publishing end at a time).

Error Code Event Description
1101 PUSH_WARNING_NET_BUSY The upstream network is poor. It is recommended to remind users to improve the current network environment.
1102 PUSH_WARNING_RECONNECT The network is disconnected and auto reconnection has started (auto reconnection will be stopped after three failed attempts).
1103 PUSH_WARNING_HW_ACCELERATION_FAIL Failed to start hardware encoding. The SDK automatically switches to software encoding.
1104 PUSH_WARNING_VIDEO_ENCODE_FAIL Video encoding failed. Non-fatal error. The encoder will be restarted internally.
1107 PUSH_WARNING_VIDEO_ENCODE_SW_SWITCH_HW Automatically switch to hardware encoding due to machine performance issues (for Android SDK).
3001 PUSH_WARNING_DNS_FAIL DNS resolution failed, and the retry process is triggered.
3002 PUSH_WARNING_SEVER_CONN_FAIL Failed to connect to the server, and the retry process is triggered.
3003 PUSH_WARNING_SHAKE_FAIL Server handshake failed, and the retry process is triggered.
3004 PUSH_WARNING_SERVER_DISCONNECT The RTMP server is actively disconnected. Check the validity of the publishing address or the validity period of hotlink protection.
3005 PUSH_WARNING_READ_WRITE_FAIL RTMP read/write failed. Disconnecting.


Key events

Error Code Event Description
2001 PLAY_EVT_CONNECT_SUCC Connected to the server.
2002 PLAY_EVT_RTMP_STREAM_BEGIN Connected to the server and started playback.
2003 PLAY_EVT_RCV_FIRST_I_FRAME Render the first video packet (IDR).
2004 PLAY_EVT_PLAY_BEGIN Video playback starts.
2005 PLAY_EVT_PLAY_PROGRESS Video playback progress (for VOD).
2006 PLAY_EVT_PLAY_END Video playback ends.
2007 PLAY_EVT_PLAY_LOADING Video playback loading.
2009 PLAY_EVT_CHANGE_RESOLUTION Video resolution changes.
VOD file information obtained successfully (Android, iOS).
The error code of screencap snapshot (Windows).
2011 PLAY_EVT_CHANGE_ROTATION MP4 video rotation angle (Android, iOS).
2012 PLAY_EVT_GET_MESSAGE Used to receive messages inserted into the audio/video stream.
2013 PLAY_EVT_PREPARED Video loading is completed (Android, iOS).
2014 PLAY_EVT_VOD_LOADING_END Loading ends (Android, iOS).
-2301 PLAY_ERR_NET_DISCONNECT The network is disconnected and fails to be reconnected after three attempts, so the publishing needs to be restarted.
-2302 PLAY_ERR_GET_RTMP_ACC_URL_FAIL Failed to get the accelerated playback address. The possible cause is that the accelerated playback address passed in to liveplayer does not contain txTime and txSecret or that the signature calculation is incorrect. If this error occurs, liveplayer stops pulling the accelerated stream and pulls the video stream from the CDN instead, resulting in high delay.
Note: only RTMP playback addresses support low-delay acceleration.
-2303 PLAY_ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND No playback file exists (Android, iOS).
-2304 PLAY_ERR_HEVC_DECODE_FAIL H.265 decoding failed (Android, iOS).
-2305 PLAY_ERR_HLS_KEY Failed to get the HLS decoding key (Android, iOS).
-2306 PLAY_ERR_GET_PLAYINFO_FAIL Failed to get VOD file information (Android, iOS).

  • *Determine whether the live streaming is over: *Due to the varying implementation principles of different standards, usually no end events (error code 2006) are returned for many live streams. Instead, when a host stops publishing, the SDK will soon find that data stream pull fails (WARNING_RECONNECT) and attempt to retry until the PLAY_ERR_NET_DISCONNECT event is thrown after three failed attempts. Therefore, determination needs to be made for both the error codes 2006 and -2301, and the determination result is used as the event to determine the end of live streaming.
  • Do not hide the playback image after receiving PLAY_LOADING, because the time length between PLAY_LOADING and PLAY_BEGIN is uncertain (it may be 5 seconds or 5 milliseconds). Some customers consider hiding the playback image upon LOADING and displaying the image upon BEGIN, which will cause serious image flashing (especially in live streaming scenarios). It is recommended to place a translucent loading animation on top of the video playback image.

Warning events

Internal warnings are not irrecoverable errors. When warning events occur, the SDK will initiate appropriate recovery measures. The purpose of warning is mainly to inform developers or end users of the events.

Error Code Event Description
2101 PLAY_WARNING_VIDEO_DECODE_FAIL Failed to decode the current video frame.
2102 PLAY_WARNING_AUDIO_DECODE_FAIL Failed to decode the current audio frame.
2103 PLAY_WARNING_RECONNECT Network disconnected and auto reconnection has started (the PLAY_ERR_NET_DISCONNECT event will be thrown after three failed attempts).
2104 PLAY_WARNING_RECV_DATA_LAG The video stream is not stable. This may be caused by bad network connection.
2105 PLAY_WARNING_VIDEO_PLAY_LAG Lagging occurred during the current video playback.
2106 PLAY_WARNING_HW_ACCELERATION_FAIL Failed to start hardware decoding. Software decoding is used instead.
2107 PLAY_WARNING_VIDEO_DISCONTINUITY Current video frames are discontinuous. Certain frames may be dropped. The image may be blurry.
2108 PLAY_WARNING_FIRST_IDR_HW_DECODE_FAIL Hardware decoding of the first frame of the current stream failed. The SDK switched to software decoding automatically.
3001 PLAY_WARNING_DNS_FAIL DNS resolution failed (thrown only when the playback URL starts with "rtmp://").
3002 PLAY_WARNING_SEVER_CONN_FAIL Server connection failed (thrown only when the playback URL starts with "rtmp://").
3003 PLAY_WARNING_SHAKE_FAIL Server handshake failed (thrown only when the playback URL starts with "rtmp://").
3004 PLAY_WARNING_SERVER_DISCONNECT The RTMP server is actively disconnected.