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Last updated: 2021-09-22 17:50:09

    Quick Look


    You may be charged the following costs for using the MLVB SDK.

    Cost ItemDocumentation
    License to use the MLVB SDK MLVB License Fee
    Costs of other Tencent Cloud services used Cloud Streaming Services
    Instant Streaming
    Video on Demand

    To use the MLVB SDK, you must activate CSS.

    Development Support

    Trying the demo

    You can use the Cloud Video Toolkit app provided by Tencent Cloud to try out the MLVB SDK.

    Obtaining a license

    A license allows you to unlock features of the MLVB SDK on iOS and Android. For instructions on how to obtain one, please see:


    To learn about the licenses required to use different editions of the SDK, please see SDK and license.

    Downloading the SDK

    We provide three editions of the MLVB SDK currently: LiteAV_Smart, Professional, and Enterprise. You can unlock their live streaming features with MLVB SDK licenses.

    Edition Description
    LiteAV_Smart With a LiteAV_Smart license, you can use features including publishing, playback, and basic beauty filters (skin brightening and smoothing).
    Professional The Professional edition integrates multiple audio/video services of Tencent Cloud. Other than the support for LEB, it offers the same MLVB features as LiteAV_Smart, but it is free of the duplicate symbol issue that may arise if you integrate multiple audio/video SDKs. You can use the MLVB features of the Professional edition with a LiteAV_Smart license, but to use the features of other Tencent Cloud services, you need to activate the services first.

    For details on the features supported by different SDK editions, please see Features.

    Best Practice

    Practice Documentation
    Integrating the MLVB SDK into your project SDK Integration
    Encoding and publishing the video and audio captured by the camera and mic Publishing from Camera
    Streaming the host’s screen plus the camera preview Publishing from Screen
    Playing published video in real time Playback
    Using the web superplayer TCPlayerLite for playback on mobile and desktop browsers Web (H5) player
    Creating a room and connecting mic with others Mic Connect
    Setting video quality Setting Video Quality
    Viewing statistics on publishing and playback status Viewing SDK Performance Statistics
    Recording and archiving live streaming sessions Recording and Replay
    Playing at lower latency LEB Playback



    For more Q&As, please see FAQs.

    Feedback and Suggestion

    You can ask us questions about MLVB via the following channels.

    • If your question is about documents, for example, the content or a link in the documents, click Send Feedback in the bottom right of a document to provide your feedback.
    • If you have questions about the product, please submit a ticket.
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    Technical Support

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