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Last updated: 2021-11-25 10:12:28


Rotation Effect

SSM rotates accounts and passwords stored in the credential upon a periodical rotation preset by the user, so that the client can obtain the newest account and password by calling GetSecretValue.
The rotation does not affect the credential’s access to the corresponding database using the newest account and password, as SSM synchronizes the account and password information to the database.

Integrating Application with SSM

Only by calling GetSecretValue, the application can obtain the newest account and password for database access.

Risk Notice


The database credential’s account password has been updated after the periodical rotation. If you access the database with the expired password, an access failure occurs.


To prevent access failure, do not enable the client to save passwords automatically. Also, use Tencent Cloud’s SSM SDK (Go and Python) recommended in Best Practices instead of a third-party SDK that implements database connection pooling.

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