Getting Recording File

Last updated: 2021-01-12 17:37:11

    After a live streaming session is completed, the file generated by LVB recording will be automatically stored in the VOD system. You can query and get the recording file through the VOD console, recording event callback, or VOD API query.

    VOD console

    Log in to the VOD console and select Media Assets > Video Management on the non-admin page to browse all the generated recording files.

    Recording Event Notification

    The recording callback URL can be set in the LVB console or through API calls. A notification will be sent to the callback address after the recording files are generated. After that, you can refer to the Callback Event Message Notification for recording to take your next step.


    The event notification mechanism is efficient, reliable, and real-time. Therefore, we recommend you use the callback method to get recording files.

    VOD API Query

    For more information on how to query and filter recording files, please see SearchMedia.