API Documentation

Last updated: 2021-01-04 19:10:12

    The LVB recording solution has been connected to the APIs of LVB and VOD. The new API documentation is more standardized and comprehensive. The unified parameter style, common error codes, and SDK/CLI version are highly consistent with the API documentation, providing a simple and fast user experience. The support for nearby access in all regions allows faster connection to Tencent Cloud services.


    Please make sure that you have fully understood the LVB recording feature and agreed to its billing rules before using the LVB recording APIs. For more information, please see Purchase Guide.

    LVB APIs

    For related APIs, please see the LVB API documentation.

    Recording Management APIs

    API Name Description
    CreateLiveRecordRule Creates recording rule
    CreateLiveRecordTemplate Creates recording template
    CreateRecordTask Creates recording task (new)
    DeleteLiveRecordRule Deletes recording rule
    DeleteLiveRecordTemplate Deletes recording template
    DeleteRecordTask Deletes recording task (new)
    DescribeLiveRecordRules Gets recording rule list
    DescribeLiveRecordTemplate Gets single recording template
    DescribeLiveRecordTemplates Gets recording template list
    ModifyLiveRecordTemplate Modifies recording template configuration
    StopRecordTask Terminates recording task (new)
    DescribeConcurrentRecordStreamNum Queries the number of concurrent recording channels, which is applicable to LCB and LVB