Release Notes

Last updated: 2021-02-23 11:02:25

    February 2021

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    Storage Edition is supported TencentDB for Tendis Storage Edition (standard architecture) is based on Tendis, a KV (key-value) storage engine developed by Tencent. This Edition stores data on disks and supports multiple replicas to ensure service availability and data reliability, applicable to storing massive KV data. 2021-02 Storage Edition

    December 2020

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    TencentDB for Tendis is officially launched TencentDB for Tendis (Tendis) is a KV (key-value) storage database compatible with the Redis v4.0 protocols, supporting tens of millions of concurrent requests and meeting the needs of different KV storage scenarios. TencentDB for Tendis provides a storage edition and a hybrid storage edition. 2020-12 Overview