Email Event Notification

Last updated: 2021-02-07 14:17:44

    Tencent Cloud will notify the callback address of delivery success, delivery failure, email bounce, email open, click on link, unsubscription, and other events. The protocol format of event pushes is as below:

    Sample Request

      "event": "delivered",
      "email": "",
      "bulkId": "qcloud-ses-4F001945B2D9BXXXXXX",
      "timestamp": 1587953211,
      "reason": "reason why the email fails to be delivered",
      "bounceType": ""
    Field Type Description
    event string Event type. For details, see Event Types.
    email string Recipient email address
    link string URL in the email that the recipient clicks. This field takes effect only when the value of event is click.
    bulkId string MessageId returned by the SendEmail API
    timestamp int Timestamp when the event is generated
    reason string Reason why the email fails to be delivered
    bounceType string Rejection type when the email is rejected by the recipient’s email service provider (ESP). Valid values: soft, hard. This field takes effect only when the value of event is bounce.


    Event Types

    Value Description
    processed Delivering. This state is an intermediate state and may not be called back.
    deferred The delivery of the email has been delayed by the recipient's ESP and is being retried.
    delivered Delivery is successful. The recipient's ESP receives the email.
    dropped The email cannot be delivered and is dropped for some reasons.
    open The recipient opens the email.
    click The recipient clicks the URL in the email.
    bounce The recipient’s ESP rejects the email (usually because the email address is incorrect).
    spamreport The recipient reports the email.
    unsubscribe The recipient clicks the unsubscribe button. The unsubscribe URL should contain the "unsubscribe" keyword.