Sender Domain

Last updated: 2021-05-25 15:53:57


    You can configure sender domains in the SES console. This document describe how to create a sender domain.


    • You must have the admin permissions on the sender domain.
    • If your domain is hosted with Tencent Cloud, log in to the DNSPod console for configuration. If your domain is hosted with another domain service provider, configure it according to the checklist.


    1. Log in to the SES console, click Email Configuration > Sender Domain to go to the Sender Domain page, and click Create.
    Field Description
    Sender Domain Configured sender domain
  • Pending verification: the domain must pass the verification before it can be used to send emails.

  • Verified: the domain is verified and can be used to send emails.
  • Operation If the status is Pending verification, you can click Verifyto verify the domain or click Delete to remove it.
    1. In the Create Sender Domain dialog box, enter a domain and click Submit to complete the configuration.

      To avoid conflicts between SPF and MX records, do not use corporate email domains.