Last updated: 2021-06-04 14:56:03


    CNAME record

    A CNAME (Canonical Name) record refers to the alias record in domain name resolution.
    For example, a server named provides both WWW and MAIL services. To make it easier for users to access those services, two CNAME records ( and can be added for this server at its DNS service provider, and all requests to access those two CNAME records will be forwarded to


    Associated VPC

    VPC is a dedicated cloud network space built by Tencent Cloud, which can easily manage and configure the internal networks and make secure and fast network changes. VPC association refers to the association between the private domains created in Private DNS and the dedicated cloud network spaces built by Tencent Cloud.


    PTR record

    A pointer (PTR) record, aka reverse DNS record, is the reverse record of an A record and is responsible for the reverse resolution of an IP address to a domain name.


    Request volume statistics

    Request volume statistics refers to the statistical display of the volume of requests generated by private domains managed by the current account. You can filter resources by time, VPC, private domain, and region to view their usage statistics.


    Private domain

    It is short for "private domain name" and specifically differentiates from the access on the common public network, that is, it needs to be performed at domain name registrars.

    Private DNS

    Private DNS is a DNS system based on Tencent Cloud's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment.


    Subdomain recursive DNS

    Subdomain recursive DNS refers to the recursion to the public network for DNS queries in case that the corresponding DNS record is not set for the private domain.