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Last updated: 2021-09-30 14:42:47

Private DNS APIs

API Name Feature
CreatePrivateZone Creates private domain
CreatePrivateZoneRecord Adds DNS record for private domain
DeletePrivateZone Deletes private domain
DeletePrivateZoneRecord Deletes DNS record for private domain
DescribeAuditLog Gets the list of operation logs
DescribeDashboard Gets the overview of private DNS records
DescribePrivateDNSAccountList Gets the list of Private DNS accounts
DescribePrivateZone Gets private domain information
DescribePrivateZoneList Gets the list of private domains
DescribePrivateZoneRecordList Gets the list of records for private domain
DescribePrivateZoneService Queries Private DNS activation status
DescribeRequestData Gets the DNS request volume of private domain
ModifyPrivateZone Modifies private domain
ModifyPrivateZoneRecord Modifies DNS record for private domain
ModifyPrivateZoneVpc Modifies VPC associated with private domain
SubscribePrivateZoneService Activates Private DNS service