Release Notes

Last updated: 2021-06-25 18:38:14

    December 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Supported the change from pay-as-you-go to serverless billing The billing mode of TDSQL-C can be changed from pay-as-you-go to serverless. TDSQL-C implements the change by converting the cluster type on the backend. After the change, the bills and details will change, while the payment mode will still be postpaid. December 2020 Change from Pay-as-You-Go to Serverless Billing
    Renamed TencentDB for CynosDB TencentDB for CynosDB was renamed TDSQL-C on December 24, 2020. December 2020 Product Overview
    Launched the serverless service TencentDB for CynosDB Serverless Edition adopts the serverless architecture for cloud native database services. It is billed based on the actual computing and storage resource usage, so you only need for pay for what you use while enjoying the cloud native technologies of Tencent Cloud. December 2020 Serverless Service

    July 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added the read-only instance feature TencentDB for CynosDB allows you to create one or more read-only instances in a cluster, which are suitable for read/write separation and one-write-multiple-read application scenarios and capable of greatly enhancing the read load capacity of your database cluster. July 2020 Creating Read-only Instance
    Supported data migration with DTS TencentDB for CynosDB supports migrating data from MySQL 5.7 to CynosDB for MySQL through DTS. July 2020 Migrating with DTS