Last updated: 2021-06-25 18:38:14

    Cloud Native Database TDSQL-C (TDSQL-C for short) is a new-generation enterprise-grade distributed cloud database developed by Tencent Cloud. It features high performance and availability and combines the strengths of traditional databases, cloud computing, and cutting-edge hardware technologies. It is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL and able to achieve a high throughput of over one million QPS and a massive distributed smart storage capacity of 128 TB, comprehensively ensuring data security and reliability.


    TencentDB for CynosDB was renamed TDSQL-C on December 24, 2020.

    TDSQL-C Architecture

    Customized kernel

    The deeply customized database kernel of TDSQL-C empowers many enterprise-grade features and optimizations. It serves Tencent Cloud's internal users and external users at the level of hundreds of terabytes as the cornerstone of supporting the smooth operations of key businesses.

    Log as a database

    TDSQL-C is a computable smart storage service. Its distributed storage system automatically manages multiple data replicas to implement auto scaling, fault check, and repair. It adopts the concept of log as a database, which truly sinks the redo logs to the storage layer and minimizes the network I/O.

    Service-Oriented architecture

    The architecture of TDSQL-C is based on existing Tencent Cloud services such as COS, CBS, CVM, VPC, and TGW.

    Mix of software optimization and new hardware

    Through SPDK- and RDMA-based zero copy technologies, TDSQL-C reduces the performance losses caused by OS context switching and data copying between user mode and kernel mode, further optimizes the system performance at critical paths, and minimizes the request delay.

    Core Design Concepts of TDSQL-C

    Cloud native: TDSQL-C is service-oriented.
    Creative: TDSQL-C separates computing and storage and implements the concept of log as a database.
    Comprehensive: TDSQL-C is fully compatible with new open-source databases.
    Cohesive: TDSQL-C features minimalist software optimizations to release the hardware dividend.
    Cost-Effective: TDSQL-C doubles the database performance and is pay-as-you-go.