Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-07-28 14:08:40

    Enterprise Applications Requiring High Availability and Performance

    • Commercial database-grade high performance, high reliability, and low cost make TDSQL-C the best choice for mission critical businesses. Its multiple custom-developed kernel optimizations and enterprise-grade features ensure smooth and efficient business operations, so that R&D personnel can focus on the development of business logic without worries.
    • TDSQL-C solves the problems of poor flexibility, low sync efficiency under high business pressure, and uncontrollable switch time in the traditional primary/secondary architecture. It ensures high system availability and business continuity while delivering high performance, which greatly reduces the workload of operations and OPS personnel.
    • TDSQL-C is compatible with open-source MySQL and PostgreSQL, so that your existing business applications can be connected to TDSQL-C with almost no changes required, helping you cloudify your business smoothly.
    • TDSQL-C has a built-in high availability architecture and automatically maintains multiple data replicas, checks data, and fixes errors, which reduce human intervention and achieve a data reliability of up to 99.9999999%.

    Internet and Gaming Businesses

    • TDSQL-C has agile and flexible scalability, which means that you don't need to purchase storage capacity in advance. It can quickly upgrade/downgrade according to your business needs for fast scaling and easy response to business peaks.
    • TDSQL-C offers a massive storage capacity of 128 TB that can be automatically expanded. It eliminates the tedious operations of region and server merges and optimizes resource allocation and costs.
    • TDSQL-C features fast snapshot backup and rollback, which provides continuous protection for your data based on multiple replicas, making it an ideal database in the internet and gaming industries.