Managing TDSQL-C Cluster

Last updated: 2021-06-25 18:41:52

    This document describes operations on the cluster list and management pages in the TDSQL-C console.

    Cluster List Page

    You can view cluster information and manage clusters on the cluster list page in the TDSQL-C console.

    Feature Description
    Renewal In the cluster list, you can select one or more clusters and renew them.
    Tag In the cluster list, you can modify the tags of clusters. A tag is a key-value pair provided by Tencent Cloud to identify a resource in the cloud.

    Cluster Management Page

    Log in to the TDSQL-C console and click a cluster name or Manage in the Operation column in the cluster list to enter the cluster management page, where you can view its details, manage instances, manage accounts, and do more.

    Feature Description
    Cluster details On the Cluster Details tab, you can view various information of the cluster and click Change to modify the basic information of the cluster. The public network address is disabled by default. If you need it, please enable it manually.
    Instance list On the Instance List tab, you can adjust instance configurations and delete instances. Click an instance name or Manage in the Operation column to enter the instance details page, where you can view and change the basic information of the instance. The instance monitoring page provides the monitoring data of many core metrics of the instance.
    Account management On the Account Management tab, you can reset the password of the system default root account and create/delete accounts.
    Parameter settings On the Parameter Settings tab, you can set many modifiable parameters of the database. To change a parameter value, click next to Current Value.
    Security group On the Security Group tab, you can configure security groups for your databases.
    Backup management On the Backup Management tab, you can configure auto backup settings and roll back data. For more information, please see Backup and Rollback.