API Category

Last updated: 2021-11-08 10:26:36

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
AddInstances Adds instance in cluster
CreateClusters Creates cluster
DescribeClusterDetail Displays cluster details
DescribeClusterInstanceGrps Queries instance groups
DescribeClusters Queries cluster list
DescribeInstanceDetail Queries instance details
DescribeInstanceSpecs Queries instance specifications
DescribeInstances Queries instance list
DescribeMaintainPeriod Queries instance maintenance window
IsolateCluster Isolates cluster
IsolateInstance Isolates instance
ModifyMaintainPeriodConfig Modifies maintenance time configuration
OfflineCluster Deactivates cluster
OfflineInstance Deactivates instance
SetRenewFlag Sets auto-renewal
UpgradeInstance Upgrades instance

Account APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAccounts Queries database management accounts

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDBSecurityGroups Queries the security group information of instance
DescribeProjectSecurityGroups Queries the security group information of project
DescribeResourcesByDealName Queries resource information by order ID
ModifyDBInstanceSecurityGroups Modifies security groups bound to instance

Backup and Restoration APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeBackupConfig Queries backup configuration information
DescribeBackupList Queries backup file list
DescribeRollbackTimeRange Queries valid rollback time range
DescribeRollbackTimeValidity Queries whether rollback is possible based on specified time
ModifyBackupConfig Modifies backup configuration

Parameter Management APIs

API Name Feature
ModifyClusterParam Modifies the parameters of a cluster