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Modifying Authorized Host Address

Last updated: 2022-04-01 22:37:12

    You can modify the host addresses authorized by a database account in the console to control the access to the database, thus enhancing database access security.


    1. Log in to the TDSQL-C for MySQL console and click a cluster ID in the cluster list to enter the cluster management page.
    2. On the cluster management page, select the Account Management tab and select More > Modify Host in the Operation column.

      You cannot modify the host address of the root account.

    3. In the pop-up window, enter the new host address and click OK.

      The host address can be an IP or % (indicating not to limit the IP range).

      • Example 1: enter % to indicate not to limit the IP range, that is, clients at all IP addresses are allowed to use this account to access the database.
      • Example 2: enter 10.5.10.%, which means that clients whose IP range is within 10.5.10.% are allowed to use this account to access the database.
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