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Ecommerce: Fresh Buddy

Last updated: 2022-06-13 11:32:53

    TDSQL-C for MySQL adopts a storage-computing separation architecture to enable fast configuration upgrade/downgrade, swift failover, and global data consistency. It delivers high stability, reliability, performance, and scalability like commercial databases while featuring simplicity, openness, and efficient iteration like open-source cloud databases.

    This document describes how TDSQL-C for MySQL helps Beijing Meiri Yitao Share Technology Co., Ltd. (Fresh Buddy) tackle business challenges.

    Company Overview

    Incubated by Missfresh, Fresh Buddy is a member-only ecommerce platform selling select products. It adopts the S2S shared business model integrating social sharing and membership on the frontend as well as direct sourcing and supply on the backend. Moreover, it has strengths in product selection based on mature supply chain, community platform operations, and technology development capabilities.
    Industry: Ecommerce

    Project Requirements

    The retail environment is facing a new wave of opportunities and challenges. The diversified needs brought by stratified consumption and the upgrade of mobile social networking make the integration of social ecommerce and the real economy a focus of attention. Within just half a year after its establishment, Fresh Buddy set a record of 80-times increase in the gross merchandise volume (GMV). As the business grew explosively, the daily visits, orders, and turnover also increased rapidly. Especially, instantaneous traffic and peak order quantity during major promotions could get ten times higher. The massive amounts of data and fast business growth put a lot of pressure on the performance and storage capacity of IT systems and called for an overall transformation and optimization.


    As Fresh Buddy's businesses are typical ecommerce use cases, for traffic spikes during promotion campaigns, TDSQL-C for MySQL resources can be elastically and smoothly scaled, breaking through resource bottlenecks. Tencent Cloud has developed a dedicated high-availability and high-performance ecommerce database platform based on TDSQL-C for MySQL for Fresh Buddy, guaranteeing the business availability during peak hours.

    Benefits to Customer

    After the customer's original architecture was replaced with TDSQL-C for MySQL, the overall waste of system I/O decreases significantly, the availability is improved greatly, and the user access and order placement experience are much smoother. The system architecture innovation truly makes the customer's IT systems a drive of business growth.

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