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Last updated: 2022-03-30 09:34:16

File system APIs

API Name Feature
CreateFileSystem Creates file system
DeleteFileSystem Deletes file system
DescribeFileSystem Views file system details
DescribeFileSystems Views file system list
ModifyFileSystem Modifies file system attributes

Lifecycle rule APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLifeCycleRules Batch creates lifecycle rules
DeleteLifeCycleRules Batch deletes lifecycle rules
DescribeLifeCycleRules Views lifecycle rule list
ModifyLifeCycleRules Batch modifies the attributes of lifecycle rules

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeResourceTags Views resource tag list
ModifyResourceTags Modifies resource tag list

Mount point APIs

API Name Feature
AssociateAccessGroups Binds permission group list
CreateMountPoint Creates mount point
DeleteMountPoint Deletes mount point
DescribeMountPoint Views mount point details
DescribeMountPoints Views mount point list
DisassociateAccessGroups Unbinds permission group list
ModifyMountPoint Modifies mount point attributes

Permission rule APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAccessRules Batch creates permission rules
DeleteAccessRules Batch deletes permission rules
DescribeAccessRules Views permission rule list
ModifyAccessRules Batch modifies the attributes of permission rules

Permission group APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAccessGroup Creates permission group
DeleteAccessGroup Deletes permission group
DescribeAccessGroup Views permission group details
DescribeAccessGroups Views permission group list
ModifyAccessGroup Modifies permission group attributes

Restoration task APIs

API Name Feature
CreateRestoreTasks Batch creates restoration tasks
DescribeRestoreTasks Views restoration task list
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