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Last updated: 2022-01-07 10:09:28

    Tencent Cloud Weiling Overview

    Tencent Cloud Weiling is an IoT building operating system well adapted to smart building scenarios. For resources in buildings, such as hardware devices and applications, it provides connection, management, and digital operations services that empower buildings with comprehensive and collaborative smart capabilities. It also offers a secure, efficient, and convenient integrated building management and operation system to building admins, operators, and proprietors. It assists with the digital and smart transformation of the real estate sector, improves the operational efficiency and service quality of buildings, and creates a brand new service model and user experience.


    High linkage flexibility

    Tencent Cloud Weiling allows you to configure diverse building linkage rules based on your actual business needs.

    Comprehensive monitoring

    Tencent Cloud Weiling can monitor devices, applications, users, and scenarios in buildings in a unified manner and thereby eliminate user blind spots.

    Diverse IoT capabilities

    • Hardware: Tencent Cloud Weiling supports different quick connection methods such as SDK, MQTT, smart gateway, and soft gateway.
    • Application: Tencent Cloud Weiling supports the data connection, permission connection, and hardware control protocols in various industries.
    • Service: Tencent Cloud Weiling supports API connection services.

    Digital space

    Tencent Cloud Weiling digitizes buildings, floors, device spots, and space mappings, transforming buildings into smart spaces, where a rich set of standard space capabilities and services can derive.

    Smart building

    Tencent Cloud Weiling integrates diverse AI algorithms to implement smart building response and decision making.

    Continuous upgrade

    Tencent Cloud Weiling supports continuous cloud-based upgrade and hardware/software separation. It allows the separated uninstallation and upgrade of all software and hardware services as components in buildings so as to implement the high-quality and flexible replacement of building services.

    Smart operations and management

    • Tencent Cloud Weiling enhances the correlation between systems and solves the problem of business system isolation, which improves the efficiency of building operations and reduces the operating costs.
    • Tencent Cloud Weiling provides data support for building operations and helps buildings get smarter by collecting and leveraging business data.
    • Tencent Cloud Weiling helps locate problems with smart monitoring, which shortens the response time and accelerates troubleshooting.
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