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Last updated: 2022-01-07 10:23:41

    IoT Capabilities

    Tencent Cloud Weiling provides software, hardware, service, and AI access in buildings and supports the modular deployment and automatic upgrade of hardware, software, and services by breaking the traditional software-hardware binding logic. It empowers its own capabilities to buildings in a flexible and standardized way and collaborates with application service providers to create different types of building solutions, so that building services can be continuously upgraded.

    Building Management

    Tencent Cloud Weiling creates a central management platform for buildings. It breaks through the original isolated relationships in the 5A system and manages devices, applications, and data centrally, thus implementing the central monitoring and management of user permissions, application entries, and data.

    Building Operations

    Tencent Cloud Weiling provides spatial data display and event-driven working modes and combines space with big data analysis capabilities to create perceptive buildings that can respond and make decisions intelligently.

    Building Configuration

    Tencent Cloud Weiling breaks the traditional building logic, so that you can customize cross-system linkage events to link devices, data, and applications in buildings for interactions. After simple configurations in the console, you can deliver the linkage logic and make it take effect in minutes, which meets your project's requirements for cross-system linkage features.

    Smart Building

    With the accumulation and interconnection of various data in buildings, Tencent Cloud LinkBase can continuously optimize data algorithms and models to realize self-learning and continuous evolution of the building.

    Digital Space

    Tencent Cloud Weiling builds data space mappings for buildings. It can create a digital twin of a building based on the devices, applications, services, and data in the building in the unified space dimension, use various terminals as data entries, and make the space the platform for data storage and sharing. In this way, it forms a data ecosystem where spaces, terminals, and data can continuously empower each other and enables buildings to evolve into smart spaces that can derive a wealth of standard space capabilities and services.

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