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Last updated: 2022-01-07 10:09:28

    Digital Twin

    A digital twin refers to a simulation process that integrates multiple disciplines, physical properties, scales, and probabilities by making full use of data such as physical models, sensor updates, and operation history. It is a mapping in the virtual space to reflect the entire lifecycle of the corresponding physical device.

    Digital Space

    A digital space, aka digital twin space, is a mapping relationship between physical and virtual spaces featuring the integration of virtuality and reality as well as smart operation and control. By recording, simulating, and predicting the full lifecycle of objects in the physical world and digital virtual space, the optimal configuration of system information and material resources can be implemented.

    5A System

    The 5A system is a smart building ELV system consisting of the building automation system (BAS), communication automation system (CAS), office automation system (OAS), fire automation system (FAS), and safety automation system (SAS).


    DIN is a unique ID provided to a device by Tencent Cloud Weiling. You can locate a device by its DIN.


    A project in this service refers to a physical project, which is also a business unit users eventually manage, such as a building, campus, apartment complex, school, or hospital.


    An application in this service refers to a system software application or service program in a building.


    A device in this service refers to a hardware device or sensor used in a building.

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