Querying Instance Information

Last updated: 2021-12-13 17:07:03

    Operation Scenario

    Tencent Cloud provides the following three options for you to view the information of a CVM instance:

    • View the total number of CVM instances under your account and their status, as well as the quantity and quota of resources in each region on the Overview page of the CVM Console.
    • View the information of all CVM instances in a region on the Instances page on the CVM Console.
    • View the details of a CVM instance on the instance details page.


    Log in to the CVM Console.


    Viewing the CVM instance list

    Select Instances in the left sidebar to enter the instance list page, as shown below:

    The information available on this page includes CVM ID and name, monitoring information, status, availability zone, instance type, instance configuration, primary IPv4, primary IPv6, instance billing, network billing, and the project to which the CVM belongs.
    You can click in the upper right corner to configure in the pop-up “Display Settings” window the details you want to display, as shown below:

    Viewing instance details

    1. Go to the Instances page to select the region, as shown below:
    2. Find the instance for which you want to view its details, and click the instance ID or name to enter the details page, as shown below:
      On the instance details page, you can view information such as CVM information, architecture, network information, specifications, image information, billing information, ENI, monitoring, security groups, operation logs, and more.