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    Pay-as-you-go CVM Instances


    • When you no longer use pay-as-you-go resources, terminate them as soon as possible to avoid further charges.
    • After a CVM instance is terminated or repossessed, the data it stores is destroyed and cannot be recovered.
    • Since your actual resource consumption may change from time to time, balance alerts may not be accurate 100% of the time.


    Arrears reminderFees for pay-as-you-go resources are deducted on the hour. If your account balance is in arrears, Tencent Cloud will notify the account owner, global resource collaborators, and financial collaborators through email and SMS.
    Arrears alertThis feature is disabled by default.

    Accounts in arrears

    When your account balance falls below zero, you can continue to use CVM instances for the next 2 hours. We will continue to bill you for those two hours. After that, if your account is still overdue, your CVM instances are shutdown automatically and billing stops.
    After shutdown, your CVM instances go through the following stages:

    Time since shutdownDescription
    ≤ 15 daysIf your account is topped up to a positive balance, billing resumes and you can continue to use your instances.
    If your account balance remains below 0, you will not be able to start your CVM instances.
    >15 daysIf your account is not topped up to a positive balance, your pay-as-you-go CVMs will be repossessed. All data will be erased and cannot be retrieved. When your CVM is repossessed, Tencent Cloud account creator and all collaborators will be notified via email and SMS.

    Bill-by-traffic Network

    Balance alertNetwork traffic consumption tends to fluctuate significantly and is difficult to predict. Therefore, we do not offer balance alerts.
    Arrears alertWhen your balance falls below 0, you can continue to use the bill-by-traffic network for the next 2 hours. We will also continue to bill you for this usage. After 2 hours, if your account balance remains below 0, the bill-by-traffic network service is automatically stopped.
    When your account balance is topped up to above 0, the service will resume. Check the affected CVM instances and CLB instances and resume their association if necessary.

    For information on traffic fees, refer to Public Network Billing.

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