Our Advantages

Last updated: 2020-02-27 10:07:03



Tencent Cloud CVM provides comprehensive and extensive service contents for you.

  • Available in multiple regions and availability zones: South China, East China, North China and Southwest China are covered for Mainland China. Overseas nodes are deployed in Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, North America, Western U.S. and Europe. Deployment of application in regions close to the location of your clients enables lower delay.

  • Model Configurations:

    • Standard: Suitable for small and medium-sized Web applications and databases.

    • MEM optimized: Suitable for applications that require extensive memory operations, searches and computing.

    • High IO: Recommended for low latency, I/O-intensive applications.

    • Computing: Suitable for large game servers and advertisement service engines, high performance computing and other compute-intensive applications.

    • Big data: Suitable for throughput-intensive applications such as Hadoop distributed computing, massive log processing, distributed file systems, and large data warehouses.

    • Heterogeneous: Suitable for high-performance applications such as deep learning, scientific computing, video encoding/decoding, and graphics workstations.

    • Batch-based: Suitable for compute-intensive applications that use super large computing nodes frequently in a short time, such as rendering, gene analysis, and crystal pharmacy.


We are committed to building the most elastic cloud service management platform in the industry with the following capabilities:

  • Hardware configurations: Instant upgrading/downgrading of hardware configurations for CVM based on CBS
  • Disk change: Instant capacity expansion of disk for CVM based on CBS
  • Network bandwidth: Instant upgrading/downgrading of bandwidth for CVM
  • Operating system: CVM supports switch between Windows and Linux systems at any time
  • EIP: It can be bound to CVMs in various network environments
  • Image type: Public image (with multiple Linux and Windows operating system types), service marketplace image (integrated with third parties for different application environments), and custom image (image created by users through the image creation feature). Cross-region adjustment and image copying are supported.
  • Custom network structure: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides independent network space with custom division of network segment as well as IP address and custom router strategy etc. Provide port-level access control for comprehensive logic isolation of network.


We are committed to building the most reliable CVM in the industry.

  • CVM reliability: We guarantee a 99.95% service availability for CVMs with data reliability ranging from 99.99% to 99.999999%. Features including transparent migration during downtime, data snapshot and automatic alarm are supported to ensure the security of your servers.
  • Cloud disk policy: 3-copy professional storage policy is provided to eliminate single points of failure and ensure reliability of data. Thus, you can rest assured when leaving your data on the cloud without worrying about losing data.
  • Stable network architecture: CVM comes with well-developed network virtualization technology and ENI binding technology to deliver high network availability. Operation in T3+ IDCs ensures the reliability of the operating environment and unleashes you from the problem concerning network availability.


We are committed to providing fast and convenient services for both user operations and CVM performance.

  • Convenient and rapid operations: In just a few minutes, you can easily obtain one, hundreds of, or even thousands of server instances, and also purchase, configure, expand or manage your services with just one click.
  • Top-speed public network: BGP public network with more than 20 lines covers almost all ISPs. No matter which ISP your clients are using, they can always enjoy the same top-speed bandwidth. Optional public network bandwidth of maximum 200 Mbps enables failover in seconds.
  • Top-speed private network: The private networks of Tencent Cloud's data centers in the same region are interconnected, all with megabyte or gigabyte underlying networks, thus ensuring communication quality within the private networks.


Tencent Cloud provides multiple solutions to ensure the security of CVMs, as well as backup and rollback mechanisms to protect the security of data.

  • Various methods for remote login to the CVM: Various login methods are provided, including login with key/password, login via VNC.
  • Diverse security services: DDoS protection, DNS hijacking detection, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, Web Trojan detection, login protection and other security services are provided to safeguard your server.
  • Free cloud monitoring: Multiple types real-time alerts are supported.
  • Custom access control: Customize CVM and network access policies through security group and network ACL, and configure different firewalls for different instances in a flexible manner.

Tencent Cloud security service features the following highlights:

  • Comprehensive security protection
    Comprehensive security services are provided for CVM including security check (vulnerability scanning, embedded Trojan detection, web backdoor detection, port security inspection, etc.) and security protection (DDoS protection, intrusion detection, access control), to ensure data security and user privacy.
  • Real-time alarm with regular analysis
    Security services are provided on a 24/7 basis, so that vulnerabilities can be identified in first time and you are notified of this free of charge in real time.
  • Free and easily accessible security protection
    Without having to purchase expensive security equipment for your CVM, your purchase of Cloud services comes with free Cloud Security services. Convenient one-click activation without deployment that can be performed with ease.
  • Professional team giving you reliable protection
    Cloud security developed by Tencent security team with years of expertise and experience in security provides professional and trustworthy security services to cloud services users.

Ease of use

A wide range of officially verified application software and operation and maintenance tools make operation and maintenance more convenient, so that you no longer have to worry about tool management.

  • Tencent Cloud CVM provides a Web-based user interface, the Console, allowing you to perform operations such as launching, configuration adjustment and system re-installation on CVM instances just as with physical machines. If you have signed up for a Tencent Cloud account, you can directly log in to the CVM console to operate on your CVM.

  • Tencent Cloud CVM provides an API system, which can be used for easy integration of CVM and your internal monitoring and operation systems to achieve business operation and maintenance system that closely meets business demands and is fully automated. These requests are HTTP/HTTPS requests. For more information about CVM API operations, please see API Documentation.

  • If you want to use API to manage your resources, applications and data, you can use SDK (supporting PHP/Python/Java/.NET/Node.js) for programming or use Tencent Cloud CLI to call CVM API.


Tencent Cloud provides multiple billing methods at a reasonable price and simplifies traditional OPS tools, thus saving extra IT investment.

  • CVM instance and its network deployment both support postpaid billing method to meet the demands of different scenarios.
  • You can make the purchase depending on your own demands. Reasonable consumption is realized as pre-purchase or preparation for hardware resources is not required. This helps you effectively reduce investment in infrastructure.