Tencent Linux

Last updated: 2021-04-01 10:07:56

    TencentOS Server (also known as Tencent Linux, TS or Tlinux) is Tencent’s Linux operating system designed for cloud scenarios. With specialized features and optimized performance, TencentOS Server provides a high-performance, secure, and reliable operating environment for applications in CVM instances. TencentOS Server is free of charge, and applications developed on CentOS and other distributions can directly run on TencentOS Server. In addition, Tencent Cloud continuously provides you with updates, maintenance, and technical support.


    TencentOS Server is applicable to the following scenarios:

    • It’s applicable to all CVM models.
    • During instance start-up, it’s required to transfer related operations to cloud-init via user data (the userdata field) to support dynamic configuration.

    TencentOS Server 2.4 Environment

    User-mode environment

    User-mode software packages are compatible with the latest CentOS 7, which can be used directly on TencentOS Server 2.4.

    System services and optimization configurations

    System services

    • tlinux-irqaffinity: the IRQ affinity service on TencentOS Server.
    • tlinux-bootlocal: the bootlocal service on TencentOS Server. It will be started after the automatic execution of the /etc/rc.d/boot.local script at startup.

    System tools

    tencent-tools: the tos (t) commands used for system management. The supported parameters are as follows:

    tos version 2.2
        tos TencentOS Server System Management Toolset
        tos -u|-U| update [rpm_name]Update the system 
        tos -i|-I| install rpm_name    install rpms
        tos -s|-S| showShow the system version
        tos -c|-C| check [rpm_name]Check the modified rpms
        tos -f yum | fix yumFix yum problems
        tos -f dns | fix dnsFix DNS problems
        tos -a|-A | analyzeAnalyze the system performance 
        tos set dns            Set DNS
        tos set irqSet irqaffinity, restart irqaffinity service
        tos -cu| check-updateCheck available package updates
        tos -b|-B| backup [ reboot ]Backup the system online, or reboot to backup 
        tos -r|-R| recover|reinstallRecover or Reinstall the system
        tos -h|-H| helpShow this usage
        tos -v|-V| versionShow the script version

    System configurations

    • pam: sets a strong password policy.
    • modifying /etc/bashrc: optimizes the bash display.
    • /etc/hosts: adds TENCENT64 and TENCENT64.site.
    • /root/.bashrc: optimizes the configuration.

    TencentOS Server 2.4 kernel

    TencentOS Server 2.4 uses the longterm kernel 4.14 of the kernel community. For more information, see TencentOS-kernel.

    Obtaining TencentOS Server

    You can use TencentOS Server by using the following methods:

    • When creating a CVM instance, select Public Image and the corresponding version of TencentOS Server.
      For more information, see Creating Instances via CVM Purchase Page.
    • For existing CVM instances, you need to reinstall the operating system to TencentOS Server.
      For more information, see Reinstalling System.

    Release Notes

    Release Time Image Tag Description
    September 17, 2019 TencentOS Server 2.4, formerly known as Tencent linux release 2.4 (Final) Image ID: img-hdt9xxkt
    Kernel version: 4.14.105
    Region: all regions

    Technical Support

    Tencent Cloud provides the following technical support for TencentOS Server:

    • Tencent Cloud provides security updates in the YUM repository. You can run the yum update command to update TencentOS Server to the latest version.
    • TencentOS Server is an operating system image designed for cloud scenarios. It is based on kernel version 4.14.105, which has long been supported by the kernel community. If needed, Tencent Cloud will provide technical assistance to help you solve any problems you encounter while using TencentOS Server.