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Dedicated Reservation Overview

Last updated: 2022-01-18 11:04:38


    Dedicated Reservation guarantees the supply for resources to meet users’ large-scale and long-term resource requirements. Upon the creation of a dedicated reservation, the specified CVM resources are reserved for the user. When the user creates CVM instances with the same configuration as of the reservation, the reserved resources are applied.

    Reservation Type

    There are one option of Dedicated Reservations, namely repeated reservation.

    Features Repeated Reservation
    Application Scenarios Applicable for long-term businesses with periodic workloads
    Repeated deduction* Supported
    Supported billing mode Pay-as-you-go
    Validity options 1 month, 2 months and 3 months
    Reservation renewal Supported
    Idle fee The same for both reservation types. For details, see Dedicated Reservation Billing

    Repeated Deduction

    Suppose you have created a repeated reservation with 1 instance and valid for one month. After successfully creating one instance with this reservation, the reservation has no available instance for deduction. Return this instance after using it for a period of time. If the reservation has not expired, the instance is returned to the reservation and can be used for deduction next time. If the reservation expires, the instance will be released.

    Usage Limits

    • Dedicated reservations can be used to create pay-as-you-go CVMs. See Billing Plans.
      • One reservation can include up to 100 instances.
      • The reservation cannot be returned once created.
      • The actual inventory determines the quota when creating a reservation.
        For example, if one user needs to create a reservation containing 100 instances, but the inventory actually contains 50 instances, then the user can only create a reservation with 50 instances.


    Content Documentation
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