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Dedicated Reservation Billing

Last updated: 2022-04-18 20:08:45

    Dedicated Reservation is in the beta test phase now. To try it out, please contact your sales rep.

    Billing Mode

    Billing Description

    Resource idle fee = Price of pay-as-you-go instance × 0.3


    For the specific price, the "Idle Fee" on the page of creating a reservation shall prevail.

    Billing Examples

    You can understand the billing rules of one-time reservation and repeated reservation through the following examples:

    DateOperationBilling detailsRemarks
    Jan. 1Create a reservation containing threeinstances and valid for one monthAfter the reservation is successfully created, the three instances will incur an idle fee.The idle fee will charged by second and settled by hour
    Jan. 2Use one of the reservation resources to create one instance with the same configurationThe unused two instances continue to incur an idle fee charged by pay-as-you-go mode-
    Jan. 3Return the instance created on Jan. 1The instance will be released
    Feb. 1NoneThe reservation expired. The instances no longer incur an idle feeThe unused two instances will be released
    The use of a one-time reservation is shown below:![](https://qcloudimg.tencent-cloud.cn/raw/cd41ffb0caea8b7b81a71e5d45d45333.png)

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