Account Registeration

Last updated: 2020-01-16 15:05:10


To facilitate your effective use of Tencent Cloud CVM, please complete the following steps to set up the CVM:

Signing up for a Tencent Cloud Account

If you already have a Tencent Cloud account, you can skip the sign-up step and make the following settings.

If you need to Register in the Tencent Cloud official website, see Signing up for Tencent Cloud for registration instructions.

Qualification Verification

After you have signed up as a Tencent Cloud user, you need to go through the qualification verification before using some products (such as the Postpaid CVM, COS, and CDN). When you have passed the qualification verification, you can use all Tencent Cloud services (except for some specific services that you need to apply for activation separately) by default.

  1. After the sign-up, click the button on the top right corner of the page to enter User Center:
    Tencent Cloud 2018-10-09 15-39-30

  2. Click Qualification Verification, and complete the qualification verification by following the instructions on the page:
    Tencent Cloud - Console 2018-10-09 16-00-34