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Querying Availability Zone List

Last updated: 2017-12-11 16:09:17

1. API Description

Note: This API has been updated. For more information on the old APIs, please see Query Availability Zones.

This API (DescribeZones) is used to query availability zones.

Domain name for API request:

2. Input Parameters

No API request parameters are available for this API. You can only specify common request parameters. For more information, please see Common Request Parameters.
Note: You must specify the parameter Region in the common request parameter for this API.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String Request ID.
TotalCount Integer Number of availability zones.
ZoneSet Array of Zone objects List of availability zones.

4. Error Codes

For more information, please see Error Codes.

5. Example

&<Common request parameters>


    "Response": {
        "TotalCount": 3,
        "ZoneSet": [
                "Zone": "ap-guangzhou-1",
                "ZoneName": "Guangzhou Zone 1",
                "ZoneId": "100001",
                "ZoneState": "UNAVAILABLE"
                "Zone": "ap-guangzhou-2",
                "ZoneName": "Guangzhou Zone 2",
                "ZoneId": "100002",
                "ZoneState": "AVAILABLE"
                "Zone": "ap-guangzhou-3",
                "ZoneName": "Guangzhou Zone 3",
                "ZoneId": "100003",
                "ZoneState": "AVAILABLE"
        "RequestId": "62DDFFC6-FDB5-44F7-20A6-59152E3D129A"