Binding Cross-region CLBs

Last updated: 2020-02-26 17:25:09


Currently, public network Cloud Load Balancer supports cross-region binding of Cloud Virtual Machine, allowing customers to select the region of backend Cloud Virtual Machine and bind backend CVMs across VPC and regions. This feature is currently available in Beta test. If you need to experience this feature, please use the Submit a Ticket.

Cross-region binding Cloud Virtual Machine does not support private network, Cloud Load Balancer and traditional Cloud Load Balancer.


  1. Meet the global server scenarios in P2P and other game business. Customer back-end service clusters are located in Guangzhou. Customers want to create Guangzhou back-end service clusters with the same CLB, binding in Shanghai, Beijing and other places. Play the role of game acceleration and Traffic convergence, effectively ensure the quality of data transmission and reduce Latency.
  2. In financial business payment, order payment, and other scenarios, the transmission quality and consistency of key business data can be effectively guaranteed.

Operation Examples

After purchasing the public network Cloud Load Balancer, you can view the region attributes of the backend CVM on the instance details page. At the time of purchase, the default region attribute of the backend Cloud Virtual Machine is the same as that of Cloud Load Balancer.
If the public network Cloud Load Balancer has been bound to Intra-region 's Cloud Virtual Machine, you need to Unbind your Cloud Virtual Machine first when switching regions.

Click "Edit" to modify the region and network attributes of the backend Cloud Virtual Machine. The bandwidth generated by cross-domain binding cost will be Bill-by-bandwidth on a daily basis. After the modification is completed, you can select Cloud Virtual Machine in the corresponding backend region on the binding Cloud Virtual Machine page for cross-domain binding. Currently, only backend Cloud Virtual Machine in the same region is allowed to be bound.

  • Currently, Cloud Load Balancer can only bind Cloud Virtual Machine from one region. Beijing's CLB can bind Shanghai's CVM, but Beijing's CLB cannot bind Beijing's and Shanghai's CVM at the same time.
  • When you modify the region of your backend instance to the one different from that of the CLB, it cannot be changed back to the original region for binding.
  • Currently, Intra-region is not allowed to bind Cloud Load Balancer and Cloud Virtual Machine across VPC.
  • Scenarios of cross-VPC/basic network are also supported.

Billing Description

Cross-region binding is implemented based on the principle of cross-region peering connection. For more information on billing, please see billing.