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CLB Instance Cross-Region Binding

Last updated: 2020-10-26 16:00:14
This document is currently invalid. Please refer to the documentation page of the product.

    Currently, a public network CLB instance can be bound to CVM instances in another region. You can select CVM instances from the region where real servers resides and bind them across VPCs or regions. For cross-region binding in Chinese mainland, please submit a ticket. For cross-region binding outside Chinese mainland, please contact your Tencent Cloud rep.


    Private network CLB and classic CLB currently are not available for cross-region CVM instance binding.

    Use Cases

    1. The cross-region binding feature can well meet the needs in P2P gaming scenarios where the same server is shared by players from different regions. For example, if your real server cluster is deployed in Guangzhou, you can create CLB instances in Shanghai and Beijing and bind them to the same real server cluster in Guangzhou to achieve game acceleration and traffic convergence, ensuring the data transfer quality and reducing the latency.
    2. This feature can ensure the transfer quality and data consistency in key business transactions, meeting the stringent requirements of the financial industry and payment scenarios.


    1. Log in to the CLB console.
    2. Click the target CLB instance on the Instance Management page.
    3. On the Basic Info page, click Edit next to Real Server, and modify the region and network attributes of the real server.


      If a public network CLB instance has been bound to a CVM instance in the same region, unbind the CVM instance before switching the region. For more information, see Adding, Modifying, and Unbinding a Real Server.

    4. In the pop-up window, select a region from the Real Server Region list and a network from the Real Server Network list, and click Submit.


      • Currently, one CLB instance can be bound to CVM instances in only one region. For example, a CLB instance in Beijing can be bound to CVM instances in Shanghai, but cannot be bound to CVM instances in both Beijing and Shanghai.
      • When the region of a real server has been modified, if the new region is different from that of the CLB instance, the change cannot be reverted.
      • Currently, a CLB instance cannot be bound to CVM instances across VPCs in the same region.
      • Classic network-VPC binding is supported.
      • The bandwidth fee for cross-region binding will be settled daily, and the tiered pricing for bandwidth peak will be applied. For more information, see Cross-region Binding Billing.
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