Binding Cross-region CLBs

Last updated: 2019-07-16 10:17:15


The public network application-based LB supports cross-region binding of CVMs, allowing you to select the region of real servers to realize cross-VPC and cross-region binding of backend instances. CLB's cross-region binding feature allows you to modify the region attribute of your backend CVM. This feature is in beta test and you can submit a Ticket to apply for a trial.

Application Scenarios

  1. It is applicable to scenarios where one server is shared across the globe in P2P and other game businesses. With the backend service cluster deployed in Guangzhou, you can create LBs in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, and bind these LBs to the same backend service cluster in Guangzhou, which facilitates game acceleration and traffic convergence, thus ensuring the quality of data transmission with low latency.
  2. In financial business payment, order payment, and other scenarios, the transmission quality and consistency of key business data can be effectively guaranteed.

Operation Example

After purchasing public network application-based load balancer, you can view the region attribute of the backend CVM on the instance details page. The region attribute of backend CVM is the same with that of the load balancer by default.
If the application-based LB is bound to a CVM in the same region, you need to unbind the LB from the CVM before switching it to another region.

You can click Edit to modify the region and network attributes of the backend CVM. The bandwidth cost generated by cross-region binding is billed by bandwidth on a daily basis. After the modification is completed, you can select the CVM of the corresponding backend region on the CVM binding page for cross-region binding. Only backend CVMs in the same region are allowed to be bound.

When you modify the region of your backend instance to the one different from that of the CLB, it cannot be changed back to the original region for binding.
Intra-region or cross-VPC binding of load balancer and CVM is not supported
Scenarios of cross-VPC/basic network are also supported


Cross-region binding is implemented based on the principle of cross-region peering connection. For more information on billing, please see Billing.