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Creating IPv6 CLB Instance

Last updated: 2022-01-11 16:54:04

    • IPv6 CLB is currently in beta test. If you want to use it, please submit a ticket for application.
    • Currently, IPv6 CLB instances can be created in the Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Chengdu,Chongqing,Hong Kong (China), Singapore, and Virginia regions.
    • IPv6 CLB does not support classic CLB.
    • IPv6 CLB supports obtaining the client's IPv6 source address, which can be directly obtained by layer-4 IPv6 CLB or through the X-Forwarded-For header of HTTP layer-7 IPv6 CLB.
    • Currently, IPv6 CLB is completely implemented on the public network, so clients in the same VPC cannot access IPv6 CLB over the private network.
    • IPv6 implementations are still at the primary stage across the internet. In case of access failure, please submit a ticket. SLA is not guaranteed during the beta test period.


    IPv6 CLB is load balancing implemented based on the IPv6 single stack technology. It can collaborate with IPv4 CLB to implement IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack communication. An IPv6 CLB instance is bound to an IPv6 address of a CVM instance and provides an IPv6 VIP address.

    IPv6 CLB advantages

    IPv6 CLB has the following advantages when helping your business quickly connect to IPv6:

    • Quick connection: CLB enables connection to IPv6 in a matter of seconds and is available upon purchase.
    • Ease of use: IPv6 CLB is compatible with IPv4 CLB operation process and easy to use with no additional learning costs incurred.
    • End-to-end IPv6 communication: IPv6 CLB communicates with CVM instances over IPv6, which helps applications deployed on the CVM instances quickly upgrade to IPv6 and implement end-to-end IPv6 communication.

    IPv6 CLB architecture

    CLB supports creating IPv6 CLB instances. Tencent Cloud will assign an IPv6 public IP address, i.e., VIP of the IPv6 edition, to an IPv6 CLB instance, and the VIP will forward requests from IPv6 clients to the real IPv6 CVM instance.

    An IPv6 CLB instance can support IPv6 public network user's quick access and communicate with real servers over IPv6, which helps in-cloud applications quickly upgrade to IPv6 and implement end-to-end IPv6 communication.

    The IPv6 CLB architecture is as shown below.

    Operation Guide

    Step 1. Create an IPv6 CLB instance

    1. Log in to the Tencent Cloud's official website and enter the CLB purchase page.
    2. Select options for the following parameters correctly:
      • Billing Mode: only pay-as-you-go billing is supported.
      • Region: select a region.
      • IP Version: IPv6.
      • ISP Type: BGP.
      • Network: please select a VPC and subnet that have already obtained IPv6 CIDR.
    3. After setting the configuration items on the purchase page, click Buy Now to return to the CLB instance list page, where you can view the IPv6 CLB instance you just purchased.

    Step 2. Create an IPv6 CLB listener

    1. Log in to the CLB Console and click the IPv6 CLB instance ID to enter the details page.
    2. Select the Listener Management tab and click Create to create a listener, e.g., a TCP listener.

      CLB supports creating layer-4 (TCP/UDP/TCP SSL) and layer-7 (HTTP/HTTPS) IPv6 CLB listeners. For more information, please see CLB Listener Overview.

    3. In "Basic Configurations", configure the name, listening protocol ports, and balancing method, and click Next.
    4. Configure health check and click Next.
    5. Configure session persistence and click Submit.
    6. After the listener is created, select it and click Bind on the right.

      Before binding the listener to a CVM instance, please check whether the instance has obtained an IPv6 address.

    7. In the pop-up box, select the real IPv6 CVM instance that needs to be communicated with, configure the service port and weight, and click OK.
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